Meet the Chef...


Hi! My name is Sandrine, I'm a pâtisserie addict and 

I survived that haircut.


A bubbly French gal with an unconditional

love for sweet and beautiful things, I am the Founder and

Pastry Chef of House of Good.


After years of 9-5 jobs, I decided to follow my heart.

Enters: pastry-making.

I picked an accelerated training program in Lille, France,

with a lot of self-teaching, and graduated 8 months later.


That was in 2013, and I've loved every moment ever since.

My ultimate goal: to wow my customers with beauty,

finesse, and a true experience of French artistry.


I bake with the best ingredients I can find.

I put my heart and soul into every pastry I create.

I hope you'll find as much joy in tasting my desserts as I do crafting them.


Bon appétit!